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What are the pros and cons of sleeping on an electric blanket?

Now let's talk about the advantages of electric blanket

1.Electric blanket has a good protective effect on people suffering from rheumatism.
2.The electric blanket can also provide better warm care for the elderly, 
   the people who are particularly weak and easy to get cold hands and feet.
3.Compared with high-power heaters such as air conditioners and electric oil heaters, 
  the power of electric blanket is generally small, so the power consumption will be much lower.
4.Compared with heaters, air conditioners and other heaters, the price of electric blanket is very cost-effective.

Although the electric blanket has so many advantages, of course, everything has two sides, 
so what should we pay attention to in the daily use of electric blanket?

1.When we use the electric blanket, we should keep it flat, and do not let the electric blanket have wrinkles, 
  so as to avoid the damage of the electric wire and poor heat dissipation. In the cold winter, the toughness 
  and elasticity of the heating wire will be reduced, so when you take out the folded electric blanket and open it for use, 
  remember to preheat it for a while, and then open it when the temperature of the heating wire is a little soft.
2.When we use the electric blanket, it is recommended not to sleep directly on the electric blanket. 
  We can lay a blanket or bed sheet on the electric blanket. In this way, we will not hurt our body because the heat is too concentrated, 
  and we can also add a layer of protection to the electric wire of the electric blanket, so as not to be damaged by rolling and rubbing when we sleep.
3.When we sleep on the electric blanket for a long time, the temperature in the quilt will continue to rise, the skin blood vessels of the human body will expand, 
  the blood circulation of the human body will accelerate, and the breathing will become deeper and faster, which will affect the quality of your sleep. 
  The suggestion is to heat the electric blanket before you go to bed, and the time should not exceed 20 to 30 minutes. In this way, you can turn off the power 
  when the temperature in the quilt reaches 25-35 ℃, and then you can get into the warm quilt to sleep comfortably.



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