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What should pay attention to when using electric blanket?

In winter, because the high cost of air conditioning and floor heating, the electric blankets becaome a more affordable and popular option for most people.

When we using the electric blanket, what should we pay attention to?

Firstly, Do not fold when using,maybe when you buy electric blanket, the size is a bit bigger then you fold a little make the this match you bed and looks good, but electric blankets inside is heating wire, when folded the heating wire will be destroy, this is very dengerous.
Secondly, Do not use more than durable years, electric blanket same as food which also have warrenty, normally have 2 years warrenty, more then this years, maybe it will not keep warmth and inside heating wire will be destory. By this time, replace a new will be best choice.
Thirdly,Do not skin contact with electric blanket directly, Because the electric blanket inside is heating wire, where the tempreture is high will burn the skin.
Fourthly, Do not use electric blanket for a long time, because it contact with our skin is diss ipate heat and will take away the water from our body, if you use long time every day will make the skin dry, maybe bring some skin disease.
Finally, Remember dry the electric blanket in the sun.because electric blanket at night when the use and we also have quilts.Will cause a part of the water vapor fall on the electric blanket, there is a wet feeling in the morning, so should be basked in when the sun, otherwise a long time of moisture, will damage the heating wire. Hope these points can very helpful for you.



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