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How to choose and buy an electric blanket?

In winter, faced with freezing cold weather, Electric blankets are already a necessity in some areas where heating is not ideal or in cold land. So how to choose and buy an electric blanket, look below points, hope can helpful for you.
1.Look at the label. This is the premise of selecting electric blanket and the security guarantee of using electric blanket.Electric blanket must be qualified by the relevant departments or units, must have related certificate: like Safety certificate,Chemical certificate.
2. According to the power, it can be used as needed, which can save energy and be good for health.The power of electric blanket is not more bigger more better, better based on the number of people to decide, single size should not exceed 60W, double size should not exceed 120W.
3. Recognize quality by touch feeling.The electric blanket with good quality feels smooth and soft, the fabric has no leakage needle, the internal electric heating wire should be arranged in neat rules, and there is no overlapping and knotting phenomenon.
4. Look at the outside.The power controller shall be complete, smooth, free of defects, flexible in use, clearly marked on and off, and the power cord used shall be double-sheathed.
5. Choose the smart energy-saving model.Choose automatic controller that will be save power, save trouble, also safe and reliable.
6. Test before you choose.When electrified, the electric blanket should not give out the rustle sound; After a few minutes, touch the electric blanket should feel warm.



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