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How do we clean an electric blanket?

1. The water temperature is 30 degrees Celsius, and soap, washing powder or special detergent for blankets can be used to wash BS brand electric blankets.
2. In order to avoid the plug, switch and modulator being immersed in water during washing, the controller needs to be unplugged.
3. Electric blankets can be washed gently by hand or in a washing machine.
4. The heating wire is stitched onto the non-woven fabric inside the electric blanket and fixed on the outer fabric at the same time, so there is no need to worry about the shifting of the heating wire.
5. Cleaning electric blanket can not be forcibly wrung dry, hang it, let the water drip dry naturally.
   The electric blanket after catharsis had better be put below sunshine bask in dry, can rise at the same time so antiseptic and the action that kill mite.
6. When using an electric blanket, it is generally necessary to spread a layer of cloth blanket on it. 
    On the one hand, it can buffer the heat sensation and prevent burning the human body;On the other hand, the electric blanket can be kept clean to reduce the number of washing.



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