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The features of foot warmer is following

Compared with other seasons, the winter is very cold. The cold is easy to invade our human body, damage us, and cause diseases. 
Especially in winter, the elderly and female friends have cold hands and feet, so we must pay attention to it.
The health of our feet is closely related to our human health. Why? All diseases originate from cold, which grows from the feet.

I will share with you a Foot warmer, which can solve the problem of cold feet, relax the whole body and shake off the fatigue of the day.

The features of foot warmer is following
1. Use comfortable and environmentally friendly fabrics: soft microplush and synthetic wool
2. Fashionable stam welding technology, removable and washable liner
3. 3 heat levels: Hi-Med-Low, to meet different needs
4. Automatic power-off after 90 minutes
5. Overheat protection

Through hot therapy physiotherapy, foot warmer promotes the blood circulation of the feet, clears the meridians, 
and improves the ability of the feet and the body to keep out the cold.
Both home and office can enjoy a beautiful winter.



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