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Safety knowledge of using electric blanket

Electric blanket is mainly used to keep warm in cold weather. It can also be used for dehumidification of bedding. 
It has a history of more than 100 years with low power consumption, adjustable temperature, convenient use and wide application.

In order to ensure the safety of using of electric blanket, prolong the service life of electric blanket, and avoid unsafe factors , 
please pay attention to the following problems:

1. Before using the electric blanket, you should read the instructions carefully and operate in strict accordance with the instructions.

2. The power supply voltage and frequency used shall be consistent with the rated voltage and frequency calibrated on the electric blanket.

3. It is strictly forbidden to fold the electric blanket. In the process of using the electric blanket, it is necessary to check whether the electric 
blanket is piled up or wrinkled. If so, the wrinkle should be flattened before use.

4. Electric blanket should not be used together with other heat sources.

5. If the preheating electric blanket is used, it is absolutely forbidden to use it with electricity all night. When the user goes to bed, 
   the power should be turned off.

6. Babies and people who cannot take care of themselves should not use the electric blanket alone. They should be accompanied.

7. Do not place sharp objects on the electric blanket, and do not use the electric blanket on protruding metal objects or other sharp objects.



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