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New product release - 6 temperature control and 3timer heating pad for EU market (item:HP19301)

Our NEW product recommendation of BS Group in 2020: heating pad with 6 temperature and 3 timing controllers.
First, We bid farewell to the single 3-settings temperature control, increase to 6, 1-2-3-4-5-6, to provide you with multi-settings temperature experience.
Second, The power off function changes from 90 minutes to 30-60-90 minutes. The heating time can be set by yourself to save electricity for you.
Third, Controller lights are blue and orange, so you can distinguish them better。
Fourth, The circular LED shows the time and gear position。
Fifth, The most important thing is the temperature. The normal temperature is 65 degrees. We provide 70 degrees for this heating pad to give you a warmer experience.
         Level1: 40℃±5 ℃, Level 2: 45℃±5 ℃, Level3: 50℃±5 ℃, Level 4: 65℃±5 ℃, Level5: 45℃±5 ℃, Level 6: 70℃±5 ℃

The heating pad can be certified with CE,CB and GS, so you can safely buy it.  If you are interested in our 6-heat controller heating pad, please contact BS Group immediately.



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