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Why choose a Heating Pad with Massage function?

An extra-large massage heating pad, with soothing heat and relaxing massage, 
is suitable for tired and sore muscles, and is the best choice for office workers and the elderly.

3 temperature settings with led indicator: Hi-Med-Low
The ergonomic remote control has custom controls that independently activate heating and massage settings.
Our Massage heating pad has Fast heating and overheating protection,can make sure the safety.
With 2 Motors vibrition for massange,you can enjoy 6 modes different feeling of massage,and massage will be 
auto shut-off in 15 min.
33x26 inch Extra large can relieve multiple muscle groups
A strap is included to hold the pad,you can adjust it according to your shape freely.

Massage heating pad can relieve the pain of muscle soreness. Set up between different heating temperatures and 
massage modes to completely customize your relaxation experience.

If need more details about our large size full back massage heating pad, contact us freely, we are at your disposal! 



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