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How to use an electric blanket to ensure safety

       Following the instruction is very important to keep our safety and help pain relief. But how to use an electric blanket to ensure safety? 
       Please use the blanket only for the purposes described in these instructions:
       Firstly, the blanket is not suitable for use by children unless they are supervised by their parents or responsible persons; The blanket is not suitable for use in hospitals or for commercial purposes. Above all, it is not suitable for babies, toddlers, heat-insensitive people, helpless people, or pets. 
       Secondly, do not insert sharp objects! Do not bleach!Do not tumble dry!Do not iron!Do not dry clean!And please wash it in water at 30 ° C.It must be connected to a specific power supply, must be operated using the button on the device (label).The blanket can be connected to the power supply after making sure that the plug and blanket are dry. Be aware that washing too often can damage the blanket. The blanket should be washed no more than 3 times during the entire period of use. The blanket should not be dry cleaned, wrung out, tumble dried or ironed. Do not turn on the blanket for drying. Do not use clothes pegs or other similar items while drying.
         The above safety and hazard information protects your health and health of third parties as well as the blanket from damage. Failure to comply with above information may lead to injuries and material damage (electric shock, burns, etc.).  Please Observe the safety instructions when use it and hope electric blanket can help you relieve pain.



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