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Heaing pad and Electric blanket Online Show

        It will keep a long time online show due to Covid-19.
       How to survive in this situatin for Heaing pad and Electric blanket selling?Yes,online show and online selling is good choice.What's more,online shopping becaome more and more popular in recent years. So sell Heaing pad and Electric blanket online including open some online shows.
       Our BS group Alibaba site online show plan on March as follows for your good reference:
       2021.3.1 22:00-24:00
       2021.3.2 20:00-22:00
       2021.3.4 10:00-12:00
      2021.3.5 10:00-12:00
      2021.3.8 10:00-12:00
      2021.3.18 17:00-19:00
      2021.3.18 19:00-21:00
      2021.3.19 10:00-12:00
      It will be our great pleasure to invite you watch it.We'll try my best to provide you best service.And hope you can find your interested   Heaing pad and Electric blanket in our online show.



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